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Hello Geekers, and welcome back to another hardcore video, in this one we decided to bring some good news for those who are looking for a new Gaming PC.

UPDATE Part 2:

These New Gaming PCs are excellent for those who are just starting to get into gaming and computers, so lets called it “Gaming PC for Beginners”

Some of these Prebuilt PCs are under $700

Here are some of the PC listed in the video, Digital Storm Bolt X, HP Omen Obelix, iBUYPOWER

For those who love to game but don’t have the patience or they just want a PC here is our list for the Best Pre-Built Gaming PC so far.

We decided to do a Low to Mid-range budget video since whoever can pay 5k or more for a gaming PC is probably not watching this video (or maybe you are, if you then go back to playing games)

These Low to Mid Range budget gaming PC are truly amazing and it shows that you don’t need 10k gaming PC to run the latest games.

We know there are more PC out there and that you can build your own 🙂

Let us know what do you think about this list in the comment section below.