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The EPIC £800 and $900 Gaming PC Build Guide is here! This part (Part 1) will focus on the parts and the rationale and justifications behind each. This part is super important and super informative and even gives you scope to tweek and change the build to your liking. BUILD THE ULTIMATE STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT PC FOR £800 and $900! You can purchase the parts using the PC Part Picker link’s below and also view Part’s 2 and 3 in which i will detail How to Build the EPIC Gaming PC and also take you through the performance of this BEAST, with real world and synthetic benchmarks! Needless to say this bhuild will smash the latest AA titles in 1080p and 1440p, achieving over 60FPS and upto 1440FPS in games such as The Witcher 3, GTA V, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Crysis 3 and especially Star Wars: Battlefront! This is also an INSANE £800 and an INSANE $900 GAMING PC BUILD for titles such as Minecraft (with Shaders and HEAVILY MODDED) and League of Legends, Skyrim, World of Warcraft and Dota 2! This is also an INCREDIBLE COMPETITIVE GAMING PC BUILD for achieving upwards of 100FPS, 200FPS and 300FPS in CS:GO!

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• Trailer: Introducing the Star Wars: Battlefront AMD Build Guide:
• Part 1: Part Rationale: [THIS VIDEO]
• Part 2: Build Tutorial:
(This part also qualifies as a general How to Build a Gaming PC 2016 Tutorial (FOR COMPLETE BEGINNERS) video!
• Part 3: Benchmarks, Performance & Conclusion:

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This INSANE £800 GAMING PC BUILD 2016 features an 8 core, AMD FX 8370 CPU, cl,ocked at a great 4.0GHz out the box, which also turbo’s upto 4.3GHz, not to mention the great overclocking performance of the AMD FX 8370, with an 4,7GHz overlcock easily achievable! Of course to get ghood overlcok’s you need a great motherboard and CPU cooler! There really is no better overclocking motherboard, for the AM3+ socket CPUs than the Asus Sabertooth 990FX Revision 2.0 ATX motherboard! Featuring super beefy heatsinks around the CPU, ensuring the VRMs stay super cool to allow for more leeway when overclocking! The CPU cooler keeping that INSANE 8 CORE CPU nice and chilly is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (often reffered to as the CM Hyper 212 EVO), with an included 120mm fan and 8 heat pipes! When using an aftermarket CPU cooler, such as this, RAM clearance is often limited, hence the choice of Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB (LP standing for Low Profile) RAM. 1 x 8GB dimm of Corsair Vengeance is the best value and best performing configuration – allowing for up to 32GB RAM in the future (using all 4 motherboard slots). Dual channel poses no significant advantage for gaming, and neither does DDR4, hence it’s absence. DDR4, at the time of upload, is also not supported by AMD chips, only on Intel’s LGA1151 and 2011v3 socket (on chips such as the 5960X, 5820K, 6700K and 6600K). Storage is always a difficult choice, regardless of the build. But a separate SSD and hard drive is the best option for speed and value. A 1TB Hard Drive from Western Digital (WD), the WD Caviar Blue 1TB comes in the standard 3.5″ form factor size, and the nice and fast 7200RPM speed. A 750W XFX PSU (Power Supply Unit) keeps the system juiced up with clean power and the whole build sits nicely, in the super imposing ATX Full Tower Phanteks Enthoo Pro (the Hardware Canucks Case of the Year!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CPU, Motherboard, Graphics Card and the AOC G24GOPF 144Hz Free Sync Monitor were kindly sent over by AMD to make this build possible. I am not sponsored (at the current time of upload) by AMD in ay way and all opinions on all parts are fully my own.

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