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At $500, this budget-end 1080p $500 Gaming PC is absolutely superb and powerful for the craving budget PC Gamer, who wants a cheap system that that is best for their $500 budget. Expect this pc to be powerful enough to run games such as GTA 5, DayZ, CS:GO, Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, Fallout 4, and Star Wars Battlefront, all ranging from high-ultra settings, at 1080p.

PC Parts in the video:
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Q: Will this run minecraft at 60fps ultra settings maxed out 1080p?
A: Yes
Q: With shaders too?
A: Still yes

Q: Will this run CS: GO at 60fps ultra settings maxed out at 1080p, 1440p, or 4K?
A: Definitely

Q: How will I connect to the internet with this PC?
A: You will either need to get an Ethernet cable or a pci wifi card to connect to the internet (I highly prefer using an Ethernet cable connection to your router since its faster, cheaper, and easier to use)

Q: Do I need Windows?
A: In addition to the hardware of the Gaming PC, you’re going to need a copy of windows to install onto this PC by using an optical drive (Here is a video on how to obtain a copy of windows for less than $70 to free:

Q: Will I need to buy an optical drive for this pc?
A: Not really, I HIGHLY recommend you just reuse an old optical drive to install windows (unless you don’t have one lying around your house) since you’ll only be using it once and buying an optical drive will be a waste.

Q: Does this PC come with fans, do I need to get any?
A: Typically, cases come with fans in them already, however if your case comes only with one fan, its recommended that you pickup one more fan just to be safe (I used a single fan pc for a while, and had no problems, but my pc would get quite hot under rendering and intense gaming) If your case comes with two or more fans, then your alright.

Q: Is everything in this pc compatible?
A: Yes, or else PCPartPicker would give a compatibility error.