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Cassi played Buddy Toss for the first time with Johnny and Zoey. Zoey wanted to lick Cassi the entire time and Johnny showed his Buddy Toss skills. SUBSCRIBE: EpicToyChannel Gaming:

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EpicToyChannel is a channel which is Family Friendly. We strive to make content that kids and parents will both enjoy. We started on YouTube in 2010 with our family vlog channel called OurLittlePlanet. When we started OLP, Johnny was only 6 months old and Zoey wasn’t born yet. Ever since our first upload in 2010 we have been posting videos each and every day on YouTube. Though we still post videos on OurLittlePlanet our journey on YouTube has evolved into additional channels like EpicToyChannel, EpicToyChannel Gaming, Johnny and Zoey and various niche’ channels. All of our family gaming on this family based gaming channel features videos with no swearing. Sure, we may occasionally make a fart joke or two, but that’s where we set the limits. We only play games that we like playing as a family like,,, Crossy Road, Red Ball 4, Mario Party, Plants vs Zombies 2, PV2, Garden Warfare, all of the awesome Star Wars games including Lego Star Wars. Doing video game walkthroughs as a family is one of the most entertaining things that we have done together. We have played Super Mario Bros, Super Smash Bros and Lego Dimensions on this family gaming channel as well Roblox and Minecraft. If you’re looking for unboxing and toy videos then check out our toy channel called EpicToyChannel. For our family vlogs check out OurLittlePlanet and for our fun series called Choppy Chop, Power Wheels videos and Bouce House videos check out Johnny and Zoey. Be sure to let us know what kind of videos you would like us to play on our family gaming channel!

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