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Welcome to Trabity, i hope you enjoy this video that we created for you!
Trabity is a music label that makes their own Visuals & Custom backgrounds.

The videos that we make & upload on this channel:
Trabity Spotlight,
Music Mixes
Lyric videos

Trabity Mixes:
We often upload gaming mixes on Trabity Music.
For example: Fortnite, Roblox & Many more games!
They can be used while you are playing games. A lot of people find it very nice to have music on.

In this video we worked together with the NCS music library!
Don’t forget to support them:

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The music we use is all with permission & Licenses.
Do you also want to use these songs? Then first contact the artist or record company.

Did we forget to give you credits? Please contact us so we can add you to the description.

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