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(Starcraft 2 – SC2) (World of Warcraft – WOW) (Diablo 3 – D3)

All copyrights belong to Blizzard Entertainment.

Composers: Jason Hayes, Derek Duke, Tracy W. Bush, Glenn Stafford, Russell Brower, The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra, Michael McGlynn

Track List:
00:00 Wings Of Liberty (SC2)
1:34 I am Justice (D3)
2:25 Khadgar’s Plan (WOW)
4:22 Chains of Fate (D3)
8:13 Collateral Damage (SC2)
9:52 The Dark Portal (WOW)
11:03 Card to Play (SC2)
13:27 The Wrath of Angels (D3)
14:42 The Culling (WOW)
15:43 The Deal (SC2)
17:18 Demon Hunter (D3)
18:33 Legends of Azeroth (WOW)
21:06 And the Heavens Shall Tremble (D3)
22:42 Heart of the Swarm (SC2)
24:43 A Call to Arms (WOW)
25:43 A New Dawn (D3)
26:51 Fire and Fury (SC2)
28:42 Black Rock and Roll (WoD version) (WOW)
29:53 Crusader (D3)
30:44 Conscience (SC2)
32:57 Arthas My Son (WOW)
35:24 Stronger (SC2)
36:49 Arreat (D3)
38:53 Black Temple Illidari (WOW)
40:58 Better Tomorrow (SC2)
43:17 Heaven’s Gate (D3)
45:14 Trial of the Crusader and Champion (WOW)
47:52 The Showdown (SC2)
49:26 Kul Tiras (WOW)
51:07 Thaurissan’s Reach (WOW)
53:36 Garden of Hope (D3)
54:18 Leoric (D3)
58:38 Wings of Liberty (Dearest Helena and Ending) (SC2)