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Tracklist! ▼

0:00 EazyDo – Fall Down Together (feat. Mona Moua)
5:17 Virtual Paradise ft. Veela (Mapps Flip)
9:17 Au5 – Inside (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
13:45 Xilent – Chemical (ft. Five Knives)
17:33 Paranor​Meow – Waiting for…Lullaby
21:45 Xilent – Shadow Of You
25:38 Xilent – Animation (ft. Diamond Eyes)
30:07 Klaypex – Chinter’s Will (feat. Sara Kay)
34:10 Feint & Boyinaband – Time Bomb (feat. Veela)
37:36 Overwerk – House (feat. Nick Nikon)
42:00 Klaypex – Robot Love (feat. GRETA)
45:44 NGC 3.14 – Masked Innocence Feat. Hatsune Miku
50:44 Razihel – Skybreaker
55:44 F.O.O.L – Fairytale
59:32 Eminence & Soulero – Invisible (feat. Mari-Anna)

Credits! ▼

-Mix by: Medivh (◣_◢) & Aza ╚(•⌂•)╝
-Video Editing /Graphic design by: Aza (¬_¬)
-Ending vocals by: Ambear (✿◠‿◠)

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