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Here’s an experimentation in a low budget gaming PC build, but we’ve mixed it in with proper benchmarks (including thermals, gaming, power) and upgrade option tests.
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We’re trying to do something different with PC build content than most other creators. Our goal is to introduce the experience back into it — when we build the system, we’re not saying “this is the best at the price,” we’re instead saying “we tried this, it’s good for XYZ reasons, but here’s what we’d fix if we did it again.” We’re also doing a whole lot of benchmarks, which allows us to make informed recommendations for someone who might want to try alternatives. Our goal is to provide an outline and some realistic perspective of what to expect. Bonus: We get to sort of see where the AMD Athlon 3000G bottlenecks GPUs in this content.

Watch the video first. We don’t necessarily recommend all of these parts, it’s just some of what we used. We explain which ones we would or wouldn’t use in the content.

Buy the AMD Athlon 3000G on Amazon:
Buy Gigabyte’s Aorus M motherboard on Amazon:
Buy Team’s T-Force 8GB DDR4-3000 RAM on Newegg:
Alternative (upgrade) – Corsair’s 16GB Vengeance LPX 3200MHz on Amazon:
AMD RX 570: Promos are all over the place. When we built this, we could find them for about $70, but they’re as high as $130. Don’t spend that much on one. If you can find them at or below $100, it’s a good price.
EVGA 500W PSU that we’ve used without it detonating (Amazon):
DIYPC Zondda-O on Newegg:
Storage: If you must save every penny, you could get a WD Blue HDD for super cheap, but a decent SSD would be our first choice for upgrade. You could do something like a 500GB dirt cheap HDD and 250GB SSD.
Cooler upgrade option – Thermaltake Contac 12 on Amazon:

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Host, Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Jake Henderson
Video QC: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick