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This is a modified version of Seiishizo’s freaking amazing Julie team, which I came up with because I don’t have Seiishizo’s freaking amazing runes haha.

Fight sets and max towers are NOT required – though of course they will lower the rune requirements if you have them.

All of the monsters are using rune sets with 90% or lower efficiency, and there’s only one really great rune used on the whole team (a 39% atk sub CD rune.)

In the video I’ll walk through the runes and damage requirements, and show in detail how to set them up using SWOP (the rune optimizer.)

These builds should be attainable for many mid-game players, as long as you’ve started to do rift and have grinded atk percentages, and for most late game players. The only monster that MUST reach a certain damage level is Julie, but that damage level is about 15% lower than what is needed for the better Seiishizo version of the team.

If you don’t know how to get the .json video for the Optimizer, checked out Ace’s awesome video on it here:

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