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We go back to the year of the MATRIX and VW’s New Beetle! Bill shares highlights from the year 1999 and asks “What type of PC Case Mods would you do in 1999?”

Bill visits Derek at “PC Doodle” Computer Shop in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Derek has built a Retro PC time capsule from 1999. He has filled all of the 5.25 bays with retro PC hardware including a very rare Plusdeck 2c RS-232 PC Cassette Deck. The original Desktop PC from Tran Micro arrived messy molex cables and wiring. Derek shares how he used the Cablegami method created by VooDoo PC for organizing the IDE ribbon cables. He tells Bill that he would like to have a custom PC window installed in this retro PC case. Derek’s plan is to have retro logos laser etched into a custom window. The retro brand logos will be “Windows 98”, “Intel Pentium III”, “3dfx”, and “Yamaha XG.” Bill notices Derek’s Retro Gaming PC DVD drive is loaded with Need for Speed’s “High Stakes” and proposes a “best of lap” challenge. Derek says “sure, for case of beer” You will need to watch this Retro Ga and see who’s the better retro game driver.

All of the parts were recycled from old desktop PCs. Here’s the retro hardware inside.

Windows 98 Second Edition
Tran Micro Systems Desktop PC Case
Intel Pentium III 700Mhz
Intel “Seattle” SE440BX-2 Motherboard
Intel 10/100 PCI Network Adapter
768MB PC-133 RAM (256 X 3)
Voodoo 5 5500 AGP Graphics Card w/64MB RAM
Plusdeck 2c RS-232 PC Cassette Deck Tape Deck,
NewQ Gold DSP EQ 5.25 Bay Unit
CD Burner (52x)
250/100MB Zip IDE Drive

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