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One hour of epic dark and powerful tribal battle music by Ares.
Take a journey to the world of The Elder Scrolls and experience the atmosphere and imagine yourself in an epic fantasy battle

1 Hour of Epic/Primal/Tribal Battle music by Ares.

Here are the time stamps + download links:

Bosmer Battle Music:
0:00 Arrow and Bow
1:55 Trees of Falinesti
4:22 Green Pact
6:18 Reaper’s March
8:29 King Eplear

Khajiit Battle Music: (patreon exclusive)
10:06 Khajiiti Speed

Bosmer Battle Music: (patreon exclusive)
13:17 A Swarm of Arrows

Tribal Hunt Full Album:
16:02 Pod Dwellers and Dry Skins
18:11 Blade and Dagger
21:38 Night Hunter
24:54 Atmoran Strength
27:47 Orcish Tenacity

Nord Battle Music:
31:10 Sons of Snow
33:22 Shor’s Hall
35:31 Distant Green Summers
37:18 Five Hundred Companians
38:45 To Sovengarde

Nord Battle Music Vol.2:
41:20 Saarthal’s End
43:47 Nordic Rituals
45:44 Way of the Voice
48:36 First Empire
51:10 Hunting Mammoth

Argonian Battle Music Vol.2: (free)
53:38 Shadow Sapling
56:19 Scale Skins and Warm Bloods
58:33 Battle on Xanmeers
1:00:44 Revenge on the Dunmer
1:02:58 Magic of the Hist

Argonian Battle Music: (patreon exclusive)
1:05:04 Tribal Might Part 2

Argonian Battle Music Vol.1:
1:07:43 Hist Skin
1:09:47 Treacherous Swamps
11:26:12 Dunmer Slavery
1:13:36 Underwater Battle
1:15:42 Tribal Might

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Discord: musicformed + 9553


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