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*New*(2018) 2-Hours Epic Music | THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC – Best Of Collection – Vol.3 –

1-hour of the best powerful epic music, battle themed, action packed, aggressive, powerful and dramatic.
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00:00 Ninja Tracks – Republic [Pandora Extended Version]
04:28 Position Music – Shadow Dance – Jeff Broadbent
05:59 Ninja Tracks – The Machination
08:17 Peter Roe – Ronin (feat. Ùyanga Bold) (Short.)
11:15 Revolt Production Music – Event Horizon – Alexander J. Plowright
13:21 Mark Petrie – Nazca
16:19 Ninja Tracks – Destroyer Of Worlds
19:01 Twelve Titans Music – Earth Avenger
21:50 Revolt Production Music – Passions – Maxime Luft
25:47 Shades of the Abyss – Cryptwalker – Ivan Torrent
28:50 Revolt Production Music – Orion’s Quest – Michael H. Lee
30:48 Mark Petrie – Makalu
33:37 Ninja Tracks – Passages
36:58 Position Music – Jack Trammell – Compelled
40:03 Revolt Production Music – Fallen Angels – Michael K. Marino
42:58 Ninja Tracks – Stasis
45:08 Mattia Turzo – Infinito
47:52 Ninja Tracks – Eon
51:39 Revolt Production Music – Pariah – Alec B. Johnson
53:59 Ninja Tracks – 5 By 5
56:18 Revolt Production Music – Brave – Martin E. Insaurgarat
58:13 Revolt Production Music – Fathers Of Time – Alec B. Johnson
01:00:26 Peter Roe – Living by the Sword

#1 00:00 by Qichao Wang:
#3 28:50 by Antoine Collignon

#1 by Pandora Journey + Amitai Angors
#2 by Pandora Journey
#3 by Pandora Journey + Amitai Angors
#4 by Pandora Journey

Note: I will not offer any of my animations for download because this is not part of my agreement with the original illustrators.

I know some of you really want them but i can’t do it, i’m really happy that they allow me to use their artworks and making them available for download would be a step too far.

– Thank you for your understanding!

(Animation / VFX created by me Pandora Journey)


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