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Best Music 2020 ♫♫ Gaming Music ♫♫ Best Trap, Dubstep, House Music
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0:00 TheFatRat – Infinite Power!
3:24 Different Heaven & EH!DE – My Heart [NCS Release]
7:51 ROY KNOX – Lost In Sound
10:26 Mii Channel Music (VGR Remix)
12:31 A-Ha – Take On Me (HBz Bounce Remix)
16:34 Undertale – Megalovania (Oscar Santos Remix)
19:08 Jim Yosef x ROY KNOX – Sun Goes Down [NCS Release]
22:56 TheFatRat – Unity vs Megalovania (by LiterallyNoOne)
27:02 TheFatRat – Never Be Alone (Lumious Remix)
30:35 Marin Hoxha – Limitless
33:28 Desmeon – Hellcat [NCS Release]
37:10 Nimi Dovrat – Spinning Around (feat.Emma Withers)
40:25 Dominic Strike – Heartbeat
42:33 Different Heaven – Safe And Sound [NCS Release]
45:40 Helynt – Time
48:54 Paul Garzon – Vellichor
51:32 Razihel – Power Up [NCS Release]
54:36 Rival x Egzod – Live A Lie (ft. Andreas Stone) [NCS Release]
58:06 More Plastic – Power [NCS Release]

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