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Products used:
Balsa 1/8″ x 1/8″ Square Dowel: (pack of 50, Good for future projects too!)
Balsa 1/4x 1/4″ Square Dowel: No link available, sorry. Try local hobby shop or craft store
Foam Board (White):
Foam Board (Black!):
Glue (similar to PL Premium):
Balsa Sheets: (pack of 10)
XPS Styrofoam (for the rocks):
Woodland Scenics plaster:
Art/Pen Knife:
Valejo Paint:
Varathane Oil Based Wood Stain:

In this video in our series on our EPIC medieval tavern for Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve completed the full tutorial for level 1 from start to finish! This is an advanced tutorial to making your very own Tavern, interior and exterior, for your D&D campaign or table top gaming table.

Here’s the link to the Doors tutorial referred to in the video:

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