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League of Legends mix for playing Jhin. A perfect music mix for killing people in an artistic way! Cyberwave Orchestra, Classic EDM and more, all fitting exactly for playing with Jhin! Enjoy and don’t forget to check out my other League mixes!

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And many more to come!

◥ Tracklist ◤
▶0:00 Jhin Main Theme
▶4:06 Cyberwave Orchestra – Stay With Me
▶7:43 Cyberwave Orchestra – Kingslayer
▶10:09 Cyberwave Orchestra – Gunslinger
▶13:22 Für Elise – DUBSTEP REMIX (HD)
▶17:11 Mozarts Revenge – AntiMatteR
▶21:08 Cyberwave Orchestra – Waiting For The Storm
▶24:30 Dubstep Piano – N-Tone – Frozen Lights
▶28:15 LeDoom – Remission
▶32:08 The Glitch Mob – Warrior Concerto
▶35:47 Vivaldi – Classic Music Dubstep ( Polar Remix ) [HQ]
▶40:33 Cyberwave Orchestra – Carry On
▶47:52 Orchestral dubstep – KING JAME$ (HD)

This mix was created solely for entertainment purposes. The video is not monetized and I do not make any money from it.
I do not own any of the songs in this mix. If the artist of any of these songs wants to remove the song from the playlist, I shall do that deliberately.